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Food Truck is Harriet Downes, Marcus de Vere and a 16 year-old Renault Master notionally named Hector…

They visited us last summer and now they show Barranco Oscuro on the Food Truck Blog.

Barranco Oscuro is situated near Cádiar in the high Alpujarras which run through Andalucía, to the south of the Sierra Nevada mountains. We were first introduced to the wines by the very fine people of Gergovie Wines at 40 Maltby Street, and the cortijo became an early addition to our itinerary. On the slopes of the Sierra de la Contraviesa, Manolo, along with his son Lorenzo, works the 12 hectares of vines situated on pretty inhospitable land among almond and olive groves.

Manolo is a man who is fascinated by everything, which goes a long way to explaining both the way he talks and the way he makes wine. He has built up a vast base of knowledge on subjects ranging from the relationship between wine and health to the numerous idiosyncrasies of the land itself (the conservation of which remains his first priority).

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40 Maltby Street’s Spring Tasting. Sat 17th May. London

40 Maltby Street’s Spring Tasting

Saturday 17th May

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