Fête du vin de Chassignolles 2014

Salon de vins naturels – Natural wines tasting

Samedi 19 juillet
A partir de 10h
Auberge de Chassignolles
43440 Chassignolles
04 71 76 32 36

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Le Saint Eutrope a Clermont Ferrand
40 Maltby Street & Gergovie wines in London

40 Maltby Street’s Spring Tasting. Sat 17th May. London

40 Maltby Street’s Spring Tasting

Saturday 17th May

Arch 4 Dockley Industrial Estate SE163FJ London

Come to taste some of the most impressive wines of Europe by the hand of their, not less impressive, producers. With Jerome Saurigny, Patrick Desplats, Jean Cristophe Garnier, Anne-Marie Lavaysse, Patrick Bouju, Francois Dhumes, Vincent Tricot, Gilles Azzoni, Andrea Calek, Manu Cunin, Vincent Fargier, Daniele Piccinin, Aleks Klinec and many others.


VinNatur Tasting Norway 2013

VinNatur reunites 140 natural winemakers from all over Europe who wish to preserve an environmentally friendly method of wine making which is constantly evolving towards maximum respect for the plants, the soil and the consumers.

VinNatur Tasting Norway 2013. On Tuesday, 19th November, sixty winemakers from Italy, France, Spain and Slovenia will meet in the exhibition spaces of the Manefisken AS for a wine tasting from 1.30 pm to 9.00 pm.

The entrance to the tasting area is free while the morning conference about “Natural Wine and human health”, which will take place from 10.30 am to 12.30 am, is opened only to journalists, bloggers and importers.

The event will be held at at Månefisken (Sagveien 23 A, 0459 Oslo, Norway)

VinNatur Tasting Norway 2013

1368 Cerro Las Monjas La Vuelta Stage 10 | Vagabond

1368 Cerro Las Monjas
It won’t appeal to everyone because it plays at being different rather than diffident. Give it an hour or so in a decanter and the blue and black fruit blossom and the racy acidity cleanses the mouth. All in all a fitting wine to this brilliant race.

Full text: Wines & La Vuelta Stage 10 | Vagabond

Via Vagabond Wines

Photo from Cerro Las Monjas courtesy of Gergovie Wines/40 Maltby Street

Fete du vin naturel a Chassignolles

Une grande selection de vignerons en vin naturel, de Gergovie Wines
Un joli petit hôtel dans la nature de l’Auvergne, l’Auberge de Chassignolles
Une fete de vin naturel, le 20 Juillet à Chassignolles

A great selection of natural wines producers by Gergovie Wines
A nice small hotel in the nature of the Auvergne, the Auberge de Chassignolles
A Natural Wine Party, July 20th in Chassignolles

Auberge de Chassignolles
Auberge de Chassignolles
Fete du vin 2013, vins naturels chassignolles
Fete du vin 2013
Auberge de Chassignolles
04 71 76 32 36



Vinho ao Vivo – Festival Europeu do Terroir

4ª edição do Festival Europeu do Vinho de Terroir, Vinho ao Vivo.

40 produtores independentes europeus, que irão dar a descobrir os seus vinhos goliárdicos. Vinhos com tipicidade, feitos com ousadia, talento e ética. O Vinho ao Vivo ocorre ao ar livre, à beira do Tejo, na esplanada À Margem, em Belém. Haverá concertos de jazz a música clássica e do mundo. Os vinhos provados estarão à venda no local com possibilidade de posterior entrega ao domicílio.

Uma festa ímpar em Portugal em prol da diversidade, para provar uma selecção excepcional e única de vinhos de carácter.

O Vinho ao Vivo é uma produção em parceria dos Goliardos e do À Margem. Todos os produtores seleccionados são comercializados/importados pelos Goliardos. A carta de vinhos do A Margem é da responsabilidade dos Goliardos, com aposta numa selecção de qualidade de vinhos de terroir de produtores presentes no Vinho ao Vivo.

Web de vinho ao vivo 2013

Vinho ao Vivo 2013
Vinho ao Vivo 2013

Festival Europeu do Terroir
Festival Europeu do Terroir

Gergovie Wines Spring Tasting @ 40 Maltby Street, London

The real real. The off of the offs.

Saturday 18th May. 40 Maltby Street

With the pressence of some of the winemakers from the Gergovie’s great portfolio.

Domaine Saurigny
Domaine Griottes
Maison Brulees
Sebastien Bobinet
Jean Cristophe Garnier
Maison Brulees
Petit Domaine de Gimios
Benjamin Taillandier
Catherine Bernard
Mylene Bru
Les Sabots d’Helene
Potron Minet
Les Hautes Terres
Patrick Bouju
Francois Dhumes
L’Arbre Blanc
Pierre Beauger
Vincent et Marie Tricot
Gilles Azzoni
Andrea Calek
Les Deux Terres
Jerome Jouret
Barmes Buecher
Philippe Jambon
Simon Busser

Alberto Tedeschi
Vittorio Graziano
Ca de Noci
Daniele Piccinin
Daniele Portinari
David Spillare

Barranca Oscuro



Meet the winemakers, 40 Maltby Street

meet the winemakers gergovie natural wines


Meet the winemakers

Gergovie Wines works with a few of a new generation of winemakers eschewing chemical pesticides and fertilizers in favour of letting the land speak (sing even). Winemaking is done with the wild yeasts indigenous to the grapes. You will not be tasting industrial products but a direct expression of grape, place and personality.

Saturday 19th May from 11am to 5pm for general public and up to 7pm for professionals.

At 40 Maltby Street, home of Gergovie Wines, London SE1 3PA


#NEW11 | Natural European Wines, an unprecedented event

Natural European Wines is a professional organization whose objective is to unite the largest number of natural wine producers in an unprecedented event.

The expression ‘’natural wine’’ defines wine that is derived from a process that seeks to eliminate any unnecessary interventions, and thus: the absence of chemical additives and manipulations by human hand, in the vineyards as well as in the winery. The result is a wine that fully expresses the unique characteristics of its territory and of its vine.

At this event, all the associations, which unite small producers sharing the same principles from across Europe, were invited to participate.

So the real protagonists are the producers, each presenting their methods to an international audience and specialized press

More info:

Zürich World Trade Center

The Natural Wine Fair

The Natural Wine Fair. Borough Market, London. 15,16 & 17 May 2011.

«This fair is the brainchild of THAT CRAZY FRENCH WOMAN (aka Isabelle Legeron MW) and five natural wine importers who, between them, represent dozens of different natural wine producers here in the UK. This fair is all about trying to get natural wines out there for everyone to taste.
All of us involved in the fair share the same love of this extraordinary drink. We love wine made with grapes and nothing else. So we thought why not do something together, and here we are.
120 growers are now onboard and will be over in the UK for the 15, 16 and 17 May this year, complete with 500 of their wines. Come along and meet them. We’ll give you a catalogue, tasting glass and you can have a taste of them all if you really like.
We’re also organising a series of events and talks by keynote speakers in the natural wine field so keep in touch and we’ll let you know what’s what, when and where.
  • ALL grapes are, at a minimum, organic
  • ALL grapes are hand-harvested
  • NO added yeasts
  • NO added sugar
  • NO rectified acidity
  • Little or no sulphites are added during fermentation or at bottling*

*For us, low sulphite levels means that the grower is ultimately aiming to add as little SO2 as possible but whether or not (s)he does so, or indeed how much they add, is dependent on the year.

The fair is being held at Borough Market, one of London’s foodie hotspots.

How to get there:

Borough Market is set beneath the railway viaducts between the river Thames and Borough High Street in South East London.

The closest tube stop is London Bridge (Borough Market exit).»